Nom Nom Now Cat Food Review 2019

nom nom now cat food

Moeez Abid as a Marking manager of NiceCatStuff reached nom nom now. As we are not a big brand, so we need to approach them. We take permission to do an unbiased and honest review they were happy. We¬†were also pleased as they did not say to don’t show cons.

Before diving deep into the article let me tell you some critical link if you are looking for information regarding generally cat food then click here.


Nom Nom Now cat food has two variants with different recipes. Both recipes are prepared by their DR.ShamlrBerg.According to them, Dr. Shamlrberg is a professional vet at Universty of Florida college of medicine.

Well, the Best part of them is their way and concept. They deliver food on the weekly, monthly and bi-weekly basis. The shipping is free and is prepared in small batches. The thing is that there is no artificial ingredient, preservatives,additive, and grains.

How was Nom Nom Now formed:

Nom Nom Now was found in late 2015 in Oakland, California, United States. So every business needs an idea to be started, so the founder Alex, Nate, and others adopted shepherds. So one of them got a problem in his immune system, which can only be remedied by fresh food. As everyone knows that raw food is not readily available for dogs, so there are many canned foods. But the problem can only be remedied by fresh food. So they got an idea that why not start own blog on it. So in 2015 Nom Nom Now was founded.

What is speciality in Nom Nom Now:

As we, humans, love to eat fresh food so that type of food they have for cats, the food is freshly cooked and served all across the area with free delivery, and if you are going to order it for a week or monthly, then you need to store it in the refrigerator or freezer to prevent them from any harm.

Benefits of feeding fresh food:

So unlike any other company their food has more protien,vitamins and nutrients as their food is prepared regularly on small batches so it is not processed.Well along this there are few more benefits let me mention them.

  • Make immune system healthy.
  • Gives more energy.
  • Makes cats eye more bright.
  • Less waste due to more digestion.

How can food remain fresh:

As already mentioned the food is prepared in small batches means that it is packed in small portions and delivered fast. The food is packed with ice packs and is insulated so when it reaches your home the food is refrigerated instead of frozen.So it would be in best condition for atleast a week in fridge then you need to shift it to freezer.

Is the food personalized:

Well, you are right they will prepare a personalized cat food for your cat. By mean of that, they will call you and ask your cats age, height, activity whether cat need to lose weight or not, physical condition, etc. So then they will prepare the meal accordingly so your task is to tear the bag and pour it into a bowl.

Delivery Schedule System:

They most probably cook food on weekends and start delivering after one or max two days. So they will keep notifying you on the delivery process, and in my case, the food came quite fast.

Own Personal experience:

So as almost I covered or at least tried to cover all the questions still if any of them is left you can ask me in the comment box I would be more happy to reply it. So talking about my personal experience regarding nom nom now was awesome I would like to rate that with 4.9 Stars out of 5. So as most people get nom nom now in return of unbiased review but I was not the lucky one due to not being a brand or a large blog. So I had to buy food which I did. And feeding my cat nom nom now from past two and half weeks so let me share the complete experience with you.


The process of ordering till home:

Well starting with doing a casual signup exciting part and a part that makes them different with others they will ask you all information regarding your cat like your cat weight, height, age, indoor/outdoor. Any medical issues or problems with the cat, need to lose weight and the current food or supplements being used.

So I order the food for my Jackie which is nine years old and had a little problem in her urinary tract a few time ago which make him almost die. So I mentioned that she needs moisture which was not a problem with the fresh cat food and also needs to lose a little weight. Don’t forget to inform them all the medical issues related to your cat.

So then on the next steps, they asked me the recipe which I wanted, so I selected chicken Chow-Meow for Jackie. On the next level, they forwarded me an email regarding the first delivery box what would be included. I chose a weekly delivery. So there was not a problem for me that what should be in the box. My primary concern was how to make my cat food to be changed without any problem or vomiting issues.

The Delivery Process:

Pretty impressive! They will provide you tracking code with each of their emails so you can monitor easily. They will send you an email when your cat food is cooked, packed and shipped to your house that makes easier to track and can also forward to your cat that your loveliest food is just a few minutes or a day far.LOL.

So, I received an email that my cat food is shipped out. I was pretty excited as it was my first experience with them. And the next day morning it was in front of my doorstep I was very much excited. And it can be a problem for you if you care about your cat and they sent you an email of updates you cannot focus back to your work again. Thinking about that food again and again. Maybe this problem is just with me only.

So as they leave the food in front of my house, I was not worried because they claim to put ice packs which can make them fresh till midnight of the delivery day. And they keep on changing the ice packs and packing stuff according to the season to make it fresh according to temperature. So it reduces my worries of freshness. Also, need to mention the food was refrigerated not frozen.

Cats Opinion

First Impressions:

I am not sure my cat was happy or not, but she started sniffing near the box maybe she is interested.Leaving this confusion lets head towards first impressions.

I was very much worried as my cat was a picky eater and takes time to shift to new foods. So their booklet along the box helped me a lot to transitioning the diet. They mentioned a lot of ways, but these all take time my cat took around a week to be familiar and comfortable with the food.


As a part of the conclusion, I am providing your pro and cons so you can better decide according to your needs.



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