Cat Food Handbook

Hello and Welcome in the ecstasy of cat food stuff. This is Moeez Abid with my friend (Thomas, David and Eileen) are freaks about various cat supplies and different cat stuff. It is a site for supportive resources along with essential product reviews and comparisons related to vehicles. We also cover up some tips and cat stuff coupons for free. To keep the site on we have to receive affiliate commissions but that doesn’t manipulate our rankings and comparisons a bit.

We don’t believe in any particular products or any well-recognized company.

We reviewed only those that are observed in different labs by our specialists. We contain particular category on our site that are: Cat Food, Wet Cat Food and Dry Cat Food with Cat stuff. By far, we reviewed a few kinds of things including cat food of different types like for cat that vomits, high fiber food and so on.

Sole Purpose:

So, I am a cat owner, and sole purpose of starting this blog is to help you guys out in which I was stuck mostly in diet for cats for which I had to pay large amount regularly because my cat was sensitive so I had an experience in cases which most people face in daily life. And I need to prevent this from happening with you people.

So, Guys Ever wondered?

Best cat meal and diet plan can give your cat a long, healthy, and happy life by your side.

The worst cat meal? Well, …you are pretty well aware of what's going to happen.

Pain, limited lifespan, and discomfort.

Had you ever wondered?. Maybe your cat is not getting as much good diet as he needs. Or she got some problem that is causing a disturbance in his food digesting process. All these cases lead to Cat Bad Health.

Everyone wants that his cats lead a happy and healthy life and you also shall be spent good time with him. But these food problems can lead to severe problems with decreasing the lifespan of the cat and making him sick so that it will lead to vomiting and increase in the potty which will also disturb his life and as well as yours in cleaning them.

What Do We think?

We think that cat parents should be guided appropriately so that they can lead to a happy life with their Cats. We take products gave them rating recommend them for our users so that they can serve well.

Our Rating System:

We gave the products rating on the scale of 0 till 5.

Every point is based on different things, and cat parents can also be aware that how much qualitative this product is

Criteria on which we judge our products:

1Only if it has a moderate level of protein or above the level, it gets 1 point.
2If the recipe contains fewer than four common ingredients, it gets 1.01 point. If they are including four, it receives 0.5 points.
3If the food’s first ingredient is meat and a good meat no low quality, it receives 1 point. It is a definite thing.
4If the food does not use unknown meat ingredients, it gets 1 point.
5The final point of discussion is a that we gift based on things like carb content, and other aspects, and is our just call on food quality and biologically appropriate for your cat.

We think according to our criteria we get 100% just and transparent system by which we will compare the food and can let our audience know about that products. But this is not only our standard we keep on shuffling our standards so that can update our criteria.

Things to look in Biologically best cat food:

So what should we see in the best food according to the medical field?

  • Carbohydrates: 2.9-12.1%
  • Protein: 53-64%
  • Fat: 23-37%